Critical Membrane Components

  • Looking to develop your own rapid test? Artron has the components required for the assembly of lateral flow tests customizable to your business' needs.

    Nitrocellulose (NC) Membranes

    The NC membrane is the support medium that immobilizes the pre-coated antibody at the test region and the anti-IgG antibody at the control region. The size of the NC membrane component is customizable, but it is typically 20 mm wide and 260 mm long.

    Colloidal Gold Conjugates

    Colloidal gold particles are 30 to 70 mm in size. They are conjugated to monoclonal antibodies at the Fc region via ionic interactions.

    Sample Pads

    A sample pad consists of 3 layers of membrane. It aids in absorbency to allow the continuous lateral flow of the sample along the rapid test, and supplies the optimal reaction condition for the system.

    If you are interested in any of Artron's Critical Membrane Components, please contact us for more details.